Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance Questionnaire

The information provided by the potential Insured will form the basis of any terms that are offered and the policy of insurance that is issued, should the contract of insurance be bound.

Disclosure Obligations

At the time for application for insurance, the insured (and reinsured if applicable) is obliged to disclose all material information relevant to this insurance to (Re)insurers hereon. Misrepresentation of any material information relevant to this insurance whether made deliberately or innocently shall entitle (Re)insurers to cancel this policy or reduce the amount they pay if the Insured makes a claim. If fraud is involved, (Re)insurers may treat this Policy as if it never existed and pay nothing. Furthermore, the Insured (and reinsured if applicable) hereon shall be under a continuing duty to disclose any material change(s) in information relevant to this insurance throughout the currency of this policy and failure to do so shall similarly entitle (Re)insurers to treat this policy as void from inception at (Re)insurers' discretion.

The (Re)insured has the same duty to disclose all material information relevant to this insurance to the (Re)insurer before any renewal, extension, variation or reinstatement of this contract of insurance.

Information concerning "material information relevant to this insurance": Material information is information that might affect a (Re)insurer's judgement concerning the acceptance or not of the risk in question or the pricing and/or terms and/or conditions of the risk in question. The (Re)insured's duty however does not require disclosure of any matter :- 

a) that diminishes the risk to be undertaken by the (Re)insurer;

b) that is of common knowledge;

c) that your (Re)insurer knows already or, in the ordinary course of their business, ought to know;

d) in respect of which compliance with your duty of disclosure is waived by the (Re)insurer in writing.